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The success of every human endeavor undertaken by groups of individuals rests squarely on the shoulders of those who sponsor and lead the teams formed to focus the efforts of individuals in the group, entity or organization.  In most organizations, there will be a hierarchy of teams with the top team forming the teams below them and those teams in turn forming teams below them.

Our work has allowed us to identify a set of critical success factors that must be present within each team in order achieve the results the sponsors of the team and team’s key stakeholders expect from the team’s efforts.  Every day we observe and experience the work of teams.  Our goal in this blog is to document these observations and experiences as a tool to inform and educate those who wish to expand their knowledge of dynamic teamwork and refine their team leadership skills.  Through these efforts we will strive to help all those we touch to be better team members, team leaders and team sponsors.

We have no predefined schedule for publishing here although our goal is to create a flow of thoughts and ideas that will stimulate our readers to return often as they learn and share the most effective team efforts they have experienced.  We hope to engage many of our readers in discussions about their experiences in forming and leading teams to deliver results that exceed the expectations of their teams’ stakeholders.

Please visit our web site through the link above to learn more about our efforts and about me.  I am looking forward to sharing and getting to know more about our readers and their experiences in teamwork.

Tom Samson


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One Response to Our New Blog

  1. john sifonis says:

    I think this type of blog is long overdue. Given the pace of change in everything from technology to addressing how to manage a new generation of workers who have very different values and ways of working, this blog should be a valuable resource for sharing experiences and lessons learned.

    In my opinion, a company can muddle through and be successful if people work as a team. A brilliant strategy will not be successful if teams are dysfunctional or non existent.

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